Car Visor Tissue Holder with Multipurpose Use

Do you often experience falling tissue box from your dashboard? It is really annoying while you drive. Introducing a car visor tissue holder that keeps paper towels as well as many other things organized.

Mr. Ho manufactures the best quality tissue holder that fits on the visor of your car to save space. It can not only hold tissue but also other things like business cards and debit/credit cards. The leather material of the holder gives it an exceptional look. The sewing of the holder is seamless and perfect.

The multipurpose car visor tissue holder is very easy to clean. So, maintenance becomes hassle-free. You can install the tissue holder conveniently. It comes with two clips. Thus, you can clip it easily for increasing space. Plus, a pocket becomes additional where you can put anything you want.

You can keep everything in this enhanced pocket. You can keep tissues as well as other important stuff. Consequently, you can keep the things here that require instant access. So, while driving, you would not have to face any problem searching for small things. You can keep an eye on the road while picking the thing that you need.

The tissue holder has a dimension of 9.76*4.56*1.49 inches. So, it is an ideal size for your car visor. This car gadget is ideal for all cars. Also, it makes a perfect gift for your loved ones who often complain of space in their car. This gift is an ideal gift for all kinds of occasions.

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