A Magnetic Wooden Block Set With Pouch For Kids

Down with ideas to entertain your child? Tired with carrying around your child’s activity books? Irritated by seeing your child using smart devices. How about a toy that helps your child to learn and play? Here is a gift which your child would be thankful for-Tegu magnetic wooden block set.

The wooden block set comes with eight blocks and a pouch which can be even carried in pockets. These wooden blocks have magnets within them. Hence, it can stick with each other. Tegu magnetic wooden block set is a toy set which grows with your child. It helps them to think out of the box.

For instance, the Tegu block set enables your child to include it in his other magnetic toys as well. Hence, it sparks your child’s imagination and gives life to their wildest fantasies. Unlike clays and crayons, your house will not get messy because of the magnetic blocks. You can easily teach your kids to pack the blocks in the pouch after use.

You can forget the worries about the safety of your child. This product is completely safe as it poses no health risk for kids. There are no small products included in the set. Hence, there is no chance of your child putting it in their mouth. Also, there is no lead content, plastic content or any toxic content in the blocks. The blocks have a water-based lacquer finish. This gives it a good appearance and also lasts longer. Due to this, the blocks are reusable. It can be handed over from one generation to another. The magnetic wooden block set teaches your kids to play alone and enhance their creativity.

Buy this product for your kids and get amazed with their imaginations.

Last update was on: April 14, 2024 10:03 am

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