White MagJet 6 Pin Magnetic USB Type C Cable MBP

MAGJET from the house of ELECJET has come out with a unique USB Type C charging cable that has a 6 pins layout design. It offers for fast charging and supports a maximum of 20V/4.3A – 87W.

It comes with two signal detection pins (CC1 & CC2). These are used by the E-Mark & 20V Voltage Boost Protection chips. The pins protect your devices in case someone trips over the wires.

Each positive and negative pins supports 3A of current. This means the pair provides 6A current in total. Since we have 6 pins the total power that it is able to give is 87W (20V/4.35A). 6 pins generate their own heat and are able to dissipate it more easily. The overall temperature while charging remains low due to this.

This magnetic USB cable is of L design which means lesser tangling and more charging. While the product description says strong magnet, in reality, the magnet is weak. With cable stiffness and weight, if you move your MacBook a little bit, the connection might break off.

Another problem with the connector is that it plugs in too deep and takes a lot of effort to do so. While plugging it in is comparatively easy since you are just pushing, taking it back out is almost impossible without using a mechanical tool like a needle nose plier.

The last but another important problem is that it is very easy to connect this magnetic USB cable and the connector at an ever so slightly skewed angle that though you won’t notice, there will be no charging. You have to hear for the charging alert sound or see for the charging icon in the Finder’s menu bar.

Last update was on: May 20, 2024 7:45 pm

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