Floating Cup for a Surprise Magical Treat

Now top your parties more special with a floating cup. The floating cup is something that makes your eyes not to believe it. It is a glass cup that floats in the air. Moreover, you can use it in your home, parties, or even in your office as a showpiece. Furthermore, it is not only a normal cup but also it is a piece of attraction. You can make your parties even more surprised with this adorable piece of art. Your entertaining options are being endless with this gravity defining cup. Seeing the glass floating does catch the attention of your guest. Use it as a gift for someone and they will be amazed by your gift. Besides, the glass kit includes a cup, base, charger, power adaptor, and a user manual.

Have your drinks like Whiskey, Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Juice, Milk, etc, in this cute glass art piece. Evoke your creativity to have your favorite beverage creatively. Moreover, the wireless base can be charged and use it while the charging cord is not connected to it. The cup is pretty cool and stylish and that fits perfectly in any of your rooms. Besides, it has a cool and rich look will also make you feel rich. Moreover, it has great packaging that the cup would make a great gift for someone. In addition to it is great to watch someone unbox it. If you have friends who love modernity, and you have to give them a gift then this cup will be the perfect choice for them. Also, the cup can balance liquid or weight in it to some extend.

Everyone loves to surprise others with beautiful gifts, and this cup will make your dream come true. Make your loved ones even happier by gifting this adorable piece of art. And also give a sleek and stylish look to your office or table by placing this levitating cup.

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 8:52 pm

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