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Handheld Vacuum for Effective Cleaning

This handheld vacuum can be of great use in any household. Small messes are going to happen in your home or your vehicle, and they are not always going to be easy to clean up. For one, they may be in an area that your big vacuum cannot get to, or in the case of your car, there are no vacuums anywhere. You could put three extension cords together to get your large vacuum out to your car.

But even then, the large head is not going to fit, nor is it going to clean up the mess. There are times when your regular vac won’t work. Hence, think about owning a quality handheld vacuum cleaner. For parents and pet owners, this is a must.

You have more to do than clean. As cordless Lithium-Ion Vacuums is always there for you for your rescue. The handheld vacuum package contains super-strong suction. In addition, it also has fade-free lithium-ion battery power. Moreover, they help you go where other vacuums can’t. So go ahead.

These handheld vacuums will get down and dirty, so you don’t have to clean up messes. Free of wires, it runs with a Lithium-ion battery that holds its charge for up to 18 months, so it’s always ready. This hand vacuum is lightweight and easy to control. That makes it ideal for reaching those hard-to-clean areas.

Moreover, it uses cyclonic action to keep the filter clean and the power strong. The Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum also includes a flip-up brush and crevice tool. Above all, it has a durable suction power for an effective clean. Get outstanding performance with this cordless hand vacuum.

The black & decker cordless vacuum runs on a lithium battery. Besides, the handheld vacuum can hold a charge for up to 18 months. It charges up to 5 times faster is always ready to clean. Delivering outstanding power and performance, it has a cyclonic system and is lightweight as well.

The rechargeable handheld vacuum comes with Smart Charge technology and does not need a bag to catch the dirt and debris. Including a flip-up brush and crevice tool, it features strong suction and is easy to use and empty. Cordless and rechargeable, the vacuum comes with a 2-year warranty.

$39.99 $49.99
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