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A Less Messy Pineapple Peeler

Many of us have a phobia of peeling pineapples. It needs a lot of practice to peel a pineapple properly. Pineapples often cause irritation in the throat if eyes remain in it. This pineapple peeler is the best solution to peel a pineapple easily.

Pineapple is a flavourful seasonal fruit. Also, it is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Such a wonderful fruit pineapple is really difficult to peel. If pineapple is not peeled properly it causes itching in the tongue and throat. We often avoid buying pineapples due to its messy peeling process.

This pineapple peeler makes the most difficult job easier. Unlike other slices, this peeler can slice even one piece at a time. So, you can slice just as per your requirement. You do not need to peel the whole fruit and store in the fridge. Also, it can peel the whole pineapple in just seconds.

This pineapple peeler not only peels but also cores the center. So, every time you get ready to eat pineapple slices. The high-quality stainless steel peeler is really sharp. The blade is medium in size. Also, it can peel, slice and core a pineapple simultaneously. This peeler cum corer is perfect for pineapples of all sizes.

This pineapple peeler keeps the shell intact. So, you can use it for decorating your pineapple salad. It gives all same size slices. So, you can directly plate them too as fruit starter. Also, this peeler makes less mess and can peel in seconds.

So, this is a must buy for every pineapple lover. You do not have to eat pre-cut pineapples anymore. This also, makes a perfect gift for every pineapple lover.

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