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Masticating Juicer Machine With Reverse Function

Looking for the perfect juicer machine to suit your health-conscious lifestyle? KOIOS Juicer presents its Masticating Juicer Machine with reverse function. The masticating juicer machine can extract the juice in ease. It can do so from all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables. Enjoy drinking the juices of celery, carrots, and apples. You can even juice out oranges, ginger, leafy vegetables, etc.

The masticating juicer machine has a slow juice extractor. The slow juice extractor runs on a speed of 80RPM. It helps in yielding a large amount of juice. Slow masticating helps in separating the juice and pulp. It extracts most amounts of juice. Slow masticating even preserves vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. It also prevents nutrients from getting destroyed. Slow juicers extract 60-80% more juice than centrifugal juicers. It is so with the durable auger crushing and squeezing.
The slow squeeze technology also keeps oxidation to the least. This happens with its low heat build-up and no clogging. It also has low foam technology.
The masticating juicer machine also has a twin juicing program. This comes along with reverse function. The soft and hard juicing options are also available. These help in extracting every drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables. Doesn’t matter if it is green and leafy vegetables to even wheatgrass. You can even control the direction in normal or reverse motion to prevent clogging.
Made with record-breaking material, this juicer machine provides first-class services. The juicer adopts advanced technology. Made up of baby food-grade BPA-free materials, it is safe to use. The voice of the juicer is less than 60db when in use making it quiet. The juicer is even easier to assemble and clean. You can put all the parts in your dishwasher to clean them. The convenience and quiet environment are what make this juicer a perfect buy.

The juicer’s motor has a 10-year warranty. Meanwhile, the other parts are under a 3-year warranty. Moreover, the juicer is FDA certified as well. This juicer will provide you with that perfect glass of nutritious juice every day. Add this juicer right away to your kitchen. You can also gift this to your loved ones.

Last update was on: January 31, 2024 8:26 am

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