Halloween Animated Talking Witch to Give you Chills

How about you do something unique this Halloween? Try this life-sized prop for example. The Halloween animated talking witch is scary to another level! The prop from the KNL store is sure to blow the minds of your Halloween guests.

The design is perfect to give the best scares. One, the height is 71 inches long. That is life-sized, resembling any human’s height almost. Not only does it look scary, but the scary Halloween prop also speaks as well! Some sayings come installed in the prop. Some of them include, ‘Boo’, ‘BEWARE’ etc.

The Halloween animated talking witch has red attire. Even the eyes glow from the red LED lights. The hairs and arms are very realistic. Since the prop consists of metal, latex, polyester, and plastic, you can be sure of the quality. The operation of the unique scary toy is easy as well. Switch on the button and see how it transforms into a scary witch that speaks!

You can make the hands pose in any way you want. Also, one tip. Place a fan near the Halloween witch to give a breezy effect. Do not worry about storage. You can fold the prop to a compact space as well. Two batteries, ‘AA’ run this prop and they do not come with the package.

This Halloween animated talking witch is a great prop to have both indoors and outdoors. Use some other decorations with it like lights, pumpkins to give a spookier effect. The weight of the decor is only 15.2 ounces. So, if you want to plan something mega for your house or office Halloween party, check this out!

Last update was on: May 7, 2024 1:11 am

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