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Katamino Brainteaser with 500 Different Puzzles

What gets you scratching your head? A brainteaser. With this Katamino Brainteaser by GIGAMIC, players have to cover the game board with wooden pieces. It may sound simple, but you will get over 500 puzzles to solve. Here, you will get to enjoy limitless combinations. The game is recommendable for children whose age is more than six years.

The Katamino Brainteaser consists of 12 different pieces constructed of right angled blocks. So each piece consists of 5 “squares”. An old version of the game had only ten pieces. The completely straight 5 square and the 5 square “plus sign” are not included. Both versions also have a bunch of “filler” pieces of 1 or 2 squares.

The game board comprises a movable divider so one can take sets of 4 up to the whole collection of 12 pieces. Also, one can form them into a five-block by X rectangle. (Where X = the number of woodblocks in your set.)

The two or three player strategy game starts on a square board divided into 64 smaller squares. Players take turns to place a piece on the game board. The first player who cannot place a piece anymore loses. The two-player puzzle game mode starts by dividing the board into two sections. Each player chooses five blocks and gets four small “filler” blocks of 1 and 2 squares. The first one to fit all their blocks into their half of the rectangle board wins.

Katamino Brainteaser is a building game that helps children to understand basic geometric concepts. Apart from this, it also helps to increase spatial awareness. It is a solitaire puzzle game with quick rounds for players of all ages and skill levels.

Katamino is not suitable for children under three years. As they can swallow the small parts. So, you can go ahead with its shopping, if you find it suitable for you.

$34.99 $39.99
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