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Light Up Drill Set for STEM Learning and Coordination Skills

With the growth in technology, there has been a sea change in the way education is being looked upon now. At one time, education has an association with textbooks which would often get dull for a child. In case the kid is a fun-loving one, it would be tough to make him sit in one place and concentrate on his school books. The toys which we have these days are a far cry from the ones we had in the yesteryears. Now, the focus is not on providing light moments. But also on instilling some educational virtues into the mind of the player. Pre-schoolers follow many patterns or create their custom glow in the dark creation. By inserting the translucent bolts into the activity board of the Light Up Drill Set.

Moreover, you can use a power drill to drill them in. Apart from that, the Light Up Drill Set helps to build coordination, creative thinking skills. Also, Light Up Drill Set enhances physical dexterity and fine motor skills—a critical pre-handwriting skill.

As well, Light Up Drill Set supports STEM learning and early math and engineering skills. Furthermore, it helps you in counting, matching, patterning, problem-solving, and construction skills. Also, it inspires imagination and creativity. With the flip of a switch, your creation will light up, and even dance to music, your voice, and other sounds when you turn on the sound activation mode.

Additionally, it powers up your creativity with Design & Drill Brightworks. Not only this but also designers can see their creations light up by using the power drill with translucent bolts to create designs with color and light. Again, you can snap one of the drill bits into the power drill, grab a handful of bolts, and turn on the glowing fun. Again, the set includes an LED light activity board, 80 bolts in translucent colors, socket and flathead bits, a guide with 12 patterns, and a power toy drill. However, You need 3 AA and 3 AAA batteries to operate it.

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