Seamless Moon Lamp For A Glowing Night

Are you searching for the best shop to buy the best quality of shaded lamps? Then buy a Seamless Moon Lamp. It is a safe and reliable moon lamp—that constituent low absorbing USB Charging. The Seamless Moon Lamp has energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

The seamless Moon Lamp is odorless and non-toxic. The company guarantees a refund or replacement for defective lamps. You could control the color setting by tapping the metal ring or using the remote control.

The moonlight produces a lunar surface. It looks like an actual moon in your room. The printing procedure includes some of the crucial steps. The company downloads the moon surface data from NASA. Then they build 3D models of the moon. Then, they print the moon globe. After that, they integrate electronic parts. After hours or days of printing, a perfect moon gets ready.

You can adjust the brightness of this beautiful Moon Lamp. By touching the button switch. You can tap once to activate the table lamp on cool white mode. To glow yellow mode, you can tap it twice. For turning it off, tap it three times.

When the lamp is on any color mode, you can press it long to adjust its brightness. With a long touch, you can change the color in a dark room. Keep the moon lamp away from grease, water, or any other liquid. Do not keep the Seamless Moon Lamp near the fire. Or do not throw it into the fire.

Do not put the lamp in conditions above 50-celsius temperature. You must avoid the lamp with a sudden drop and shock. The touch sensitivity may change due to the temperature and humidity. The package consists of 1 moon night light, 1 USB charging cable. Along with one wooden mount, and one user instruction manual. Gift this to your friends or relatives on their special day.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 6:31 pm

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