Hexagon Tangram Puzzle- A Great Mind Game

The Hexagon Tangram Puzzle is a Chinese puzzle over a millennium old. It resembles the Western jigsaw puzzle but differs at some point, as it contains seven pieces. You can fit pieces together in different ways to make an infinite number of different shapes. You can make your solution by arranging the pieces of the tangram-set to meet a match with the given figure.

This modern revision of Hexagon Tangram cuts a hexagon into 11 pieces. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of complexity and flexibility. The Hexagon Tangram Puzzle is a good way to raise children’s spatial visualization. Furthermore, it also helps to increase the intellectual abilities. The puzzle is excellent for recreation, entertainment, parties, and parent-child bonding time.

The Hexagram Tangram Puzzle includes the following, One right-triangle, Six quadrilateral, Two pentagons, Four hexagons pieces. The wood pieces of the Hexagram Tangram Puzzle are child-safe. The surface is smooth, and the corners are round. It is compact with dimensions of 5.5″ x 4.7″ x 0.6″ and a weight of 3.5 oz. 

Moreover, one can also view it as a gift idea that promotes brain power and strategic thinking. The best of all, it’s a way beyond a mindless video game. The pieces are smooth and light. This is a nice, well-made puzzle that is difficult to put together.

There are so many ways to solve this puzzle. It’s fun to start with a different piece each time to mix it up a bit. The colors are beautiful, and the quality is excellent. You will be happy with your shopping. This will bring you so much fun. You can also get people to try and solve it when at work.

The material of the Tangram Puzzle is safe and consists of good quality stained wood. Besides this, it smells nice. Tangram has maintained its universal appeal as an object of interest in art and design. It also teaches geometric abstraction, proportion, and context. 

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