Covert your iPhone to Wireless Charging iPhone

Wireless charging is one of the revolutionary technologies in smartphones. It was the first step made towards the wireless era in smartphones. It also made charging smartphones much easier and convenient. But this feature is only available in flagships or some of the midrange smartphones now. If you have an iPhone without a wireless charging feature, Don’t worry. This Wireless charging Receiver for iPhone can add this functionality to your smartphone.

With this Wireless charging Receiver for iPhone. You can add wireless charging technology to your smartphone. You don’t even have to open the smartphone to do it. All you need to do is to put this Wireless charging Receiver under your case and you’re good to go! And Place it on any Qi wireless charger to charge your iPhone. It is so slim that you don’t even notice that it is under the case while using your smartphone. And it is also super lightweight. Hence it fits inside any cover without adding any unnecessary bulk. And if you have a seethrough case you will be extra-pleased. Since the receiver has a cool futuristic design that will add a touch to your style.

This Wireless charging Receiver for iPhone works with almost all iPhone models. The microchip inside fast charges your iPhone without overheating or overcharging it. This also provides your iPhone with enough safety and protection while charging.

Whenever your phone is not in use, you can now power it without the wiring hassles and worrying about damages to the smartphone with this Wireless charging Receiver. Grab Yours Now!

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 7:31 pm

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