Casting Alphabet Mold for Resin Lovers

For resin lovers or the ones who have a knack for resin designs, it is difficult to get their hands off molds. There is a huge variety of resins available in the market. But it is very difficult to find a perfect alphabet mold. Dailit presents its casting alphabet mold. The mold is a reversed casting alphabet mold.

The casting alphabet mold has alphabets and numbers in a reversed manner. The mold gives you a lot of space to create. With this, you can design your own key chains, earrings, magnets, decorate your room, and much more. The mold can come handy for various art workshops as well. The mold is of silicone. It is odorless and clean. Silicone material makes the mold flexible. It is easy to release the alphabets once they are dry. The mold is washable and is easy to clean. The mold is thick enough. This will prevent it from any sort of tears.

The mold is 14.2 inches in length and 7.5 inches wide. The size of the alphabets and numbers is about 1.85×1.57 inches. The letters and numbers are big enough to allow you to put decorative glitter and flowers. This gives them a fancy and appealing look. The casting alphabet mold is sturdy. Once your resin has dried all you have to do this push from the other side. This will release the alphabet or the number smoothly. Unlike others, this reversed mold helps you to form the correct alphabets. The end product of the mold leaves you in the awe of it.

The mold is washable and it is easy to clean it with a dishwasher. You can leave it to get dried. The mold can fold without getting a crease. This makes it easier to carry it anywhere. The material is also safe for children to use.

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