The Charm Looking Bedside Shelf adds Glimpse to your Bed

This beautiful and charm looking Bedshelfie bedside Shelf will add an amazing glimpse whenever you wake up. If you are using these types of the tray, your bed will never be messy and your things will never be lost. The bedshelfie tray is made up of handmade and eco-friendly bamboo and woods.

Both the kids and working people can use this bedside shelf tray. Kids can keep the toys on the bamboo bedside shelf and play with them. The working person can keep their laptops on it. They can now work without hurting their backs.

In another case, they can work on the laptop very easily. If you are not working then you can easily place your laptop on it and watch your favorite movie while sleeping on the bed.

The bedside shelf tray is designed in LA and was launched on Kickstarter. The capacity of the item weight it can hold is 2.8 pounds. The bedside shelf can safely hold up to 15 lbs. It is equal to the 13 inches of Macbook.

Apart from these, you can also put your arm on the tray while relaxing. The piece of the tray is guaranteed that it will go lifelong duration. It has a custom wire cord for the easy charging of your phones.

You can get color choice- neutral, white, black and Espresso. The best thing is that this charming look bedside shelf is versatile. The dimension of the tray is 8.6 x 25.1 x 35.8 cm and it can carry 1.27 kg.

Viral Gads