A 4-in-1 Travel Kit for People with Passion for Traveling

Are you among those who are never able to catch a moment of sleep when traveling in red-eye planes? Scared of the jet lag that will follow such long flights? AERIS offers you the best possible solution- a four in one combo containing AERIS travel pillow, cool plane accessories for long haul flights, easy to carry bag to save space, earplugs and eye mask.  This travel kit comes at a very nominal price.

The memory foam neck pillow provides adequate support to the neck and head by distributing weight evenly. It is a great relief to people with backache and neck pain. This ensures a peaceful sleep throughout the journey. The pillow can also be used as a regular pillow at home or in your car for a quick nap.

It is very easy to use and can be adjusted to suit one’s need using the adjustable toggles. The earplugs and eye mask makes sure that nothing comes in between you and your much-needed nap. The easy to carry bag can store travel accessories. It is very compact so you don’t have to worry about freeing up other spaces for your travel kit.

All the things in the travel kit are of high quality and are much better than those available in the market. AERIS travel kit is a complete set for frequent travelers. It is an ideal choice for people who make plans for trips at the last minute. You no longer have to avoid long journeys or late night planes.

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