This Portable Turntable Beats Its Competition Hands Down!

A turntable is every party lovers necessity. Can you imagine a DJ party without a good turntable? Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to carry a turntable to outdoor parties. This portable turntable makes it a lot easier to party with your favorite mixes. This has the vintage look in it.

Audio Technica manufactures audio equipment since 1962. They also manufacture the world-class Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable. This professional portable turntable has a classy design with updated technology. So, this ensures the quality of the turntable. It also comes with anti-vibrational feet. This helps to keep the turntable in place.

The portable turntable has a high torque. It comes with a direct drive motor for a quick startup. It also has a USB output for seamless connection with the computer. Also, it has a forward and reverses play option. The turntable also has a start and stop button for easy use. So, cranking up the volume at your party is much easier now. It can be used even by a novice.

This is compatible with both PC and Mac. The turntable comes with an Audio-Technica AT-P2 cartridge, a tone-arm, and aluminum plate. The turntable has three speeds of 33.3, 45 and 78rpm.   It has selectable high-accuracy quartz control pitch lock. Also, it has a pitch changing slider control button. This turntable delivers top-end sound crispiness.

The portable turntable is 13.9*6*17.8 inches in dimensions. It weighs around 23.5 pounds only. So, it is easy to carry anywhere. Where will you get such a handy turntable? Also, it has a removable dust cover. So, you can keep it closed when not in use. The package also includes hardware and stylus.

Its features are suitable for mobile, home Dj use, nightclubs DJ booths. It is durable than other fancy turntables. Also, it comes in a bright silver color. This portable turntable is a must-have for DJs and party lovers. It also makes a perfect gift for your party freak boyfriend, friend or colleague.


Last update was on: June 21, 2024 12:54 pm

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