Wireless Charger Facial Cleansing Brush with 12 Speeds

Facial cleansing is a part of a daily skincare regime. If you do not do your face cleansing well, then you are prone to different kind of problems. Also, these problems include the growth of bacteria on the skin, the opening of the skin pores and many more. So, to get your cleaning done with least effort, buy this perfect facial cleansing brush.

This facial cleansing brush has a new dual-core W-SONIC, which is a vertical skin sonic pulsation technology. With this technology, the instrument releases 8000 sound waves per minute. The wireless charger has 12 adjustable strengths. This brush is suitable for people of all ages and skin types. The instrument has a reminder of 15 seconds, after which it will start vibrating to remind you for changing its position.

The skin cleansing system of this facial brush works by gently directing extremely low-frequency pulsation to your wrinkle prone area. This helps in diminishing signs of aging by increasing the circulation of blood and absorption of skin products. This amazing product lifts and firms your face skin.

The bristles are really soft. So, it is a perfect cleansing brush for sensitive skin. The brush is exclusively designed for T zone. So, it removes grease and stains around your T-zone giving you a cool feel.  High-quality rechargeable lithium battery supports super long use. The small size makes it convenient for carrying when traveling or going on a business trip.

This gift is ideal for your mom or girlfriend or your best friend. It is packed beautifully and you can easily gift it to anyone on holidays, Christmas or on birthdays. The facial brush comes with a one year warranty. So, you can buy this without any hassle.

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