Crystal Design Unique whiskey Glassware with Stainless Steel Flask

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If you love drinking whiskey, you will love this pair of crystal whiskey glasses by Vaci. The design of this product is so classy and elegant. It gives you more confidence when drinking with your friends. Get this product out and impress them. Its luxurious dimension will bring your drinking experience to a new level.

You will get 8 oz Premium Stainless Steel Flask when buying this pair of crystal whiskey glasses. Also, you will get 2 pcs of natural cork drink coasters. So, you can protect your furniture with ease. Thus, you do not need to worry that these glasses will damage your tables or drawers. Thus, you can be more relaxed when using this product.

Plus, this pair of crystal whiskey glasses are made of crystal premium silicate glass. So, you can be sure that it is of high quality. Also, you can use this product for any occasion. It will be a good fit for every event you have at home. From weddings to an engagement party and other celebrations.

Also, this pair of crystal whiskey glasses are safe for the dishwasher. Its glass is so thick that you do not need to worry that it will break. This classy product is perfect for every setting, from home bars to high-end clubs. So, you can have pride by having this pair of glasses.

Also, you will get a luxurious gift box when buying this set. So, you can gift it to your friends or families. This will be a great gift on any occasion. Your whiskey-loving friends will treasure this for sure. So, go and grab this set right now.

Last update was on: November 15, 2020 12:32 pm