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Collapsible Blower Pipe for Your Fire Starting Kit

Collapsible Blower Pipe has an eight-layer structure. That makes the camping gear extend to 20 inches. Moreover, it protects your face from getting smoky and burnt. Meanwhile, the length of the item can shortest 3.5 inches easier to store and carry. Apart from this, it takes only a few minutes to start fires with wet or dry firewood. Moreover, it is essential in the fire starting kit.

The materials of the telescopic bellows are high quality and durable. This survival fire-starting tool builds a fire by blowing air from the big end to the small end. That compresses the oxygen into the center. Don’t forget to buy a collapsible blower pipe as a perfect gift for your family & friends. The materials of the telescopic mouth bellows are premium quality and durable.

A beneficial addition to camping survival gear and emergency preparations. Also great for starting a fire pit, camping portable stove, cookstoves, grill, stove, etc.

To use the collapsible blower pipe, first, you have to completely extend the fire blowpipe. Then, put the small end into the core of fire heart, and blow from the big finale. Oxygen gets a transfer to fire, and you can get more significant light immediately.

It is an extendable metal straw and pretty hard to bend/break unless you are misusing it. It isn’t for moving logs around, only for blowing air. It’s small and lightweight enough that it is part of my backpacking kit.

Collapsible fire pipe is not for “starting” fires but is useful in going from a small to a medium/large fire. It does this by focusing the oxygen from exhaling into a tiny exit that you can put on the flames. So instead of blowing on the light and wasting the vast majority of the air to the sides. Thus, you send the entire breath exactly where it needs to go.

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