Wall-Mounted Safe Box with 4 Digit Weather Resistant Key

Sometimes you need to secure your keys in a safe place. It may be because you often forget where you put them. Or, you just want extra protection for your keys. This is why you need this wall-mounted safe box from TTRwin. This product helps you secure your keys with ease. It can contain up to 5 keys at a time.

This wall-mounted safe box is a perfect solution for securing your keys. Now that you do not need to worry about where to put them. This storage box is made of zinc alloy. This material is very durable and rust-resistant. So, you can use this box for a long time.

Also, this product is corrosive and weather-resistant as well. This adds more durability to it. Plus, this product also has a shutter cover to protect the combination dials. This ensures that those dials are secure from any element that may damage them. This adds more credibility to this wall-mounted safe box.

There are 4 combination dials that you can set. Make sure that your code is not too easy to break. The harder it is to guess, the more secure your keys will be. Also, you can reset the code as you please. So, use this feature to regularly change your code.

Plus, you can install this wall-mounted safe box on any surface with ease. This product comes in a complete package. It includes 4 screws and 4 nylon anchors for installation purpose. So, you can set it up anywhere as long as it is a solid surface. That said, this product could be a great gift for your loved ones. Especially those who often lose their keys on their way home.

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