Wearable keyboard & Controller for Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop & SmartTV

Tap is making the quote “The Future is here” true with their latest product, Tap. It is a device that lets you input characters and commands by simply tapping your fingers. It in fact is a keyboard and mouse rolled into one wearable device.

This product does not have any projected keyboard, invisible key patterns or holograms. To type characters and give commands, the user simply needs to tap using a combination of fingers. The Tap strap has finger-rings, each of which contains accelerometers that take information from fingers. The thumb ring contains a small computer chip that processes this information to data. The data is then sent to the paired device via Bluetooth.

The wearable keyboard makes typing as fun as playing the piano. The makers gave the comfort of the users top priority while designing the product. So to type in vowels, the user needs to only use one finger and to type in the most common consonants, the user needs to tap with adjacent fingers. For example, “N”, “T”, “L”, “S” requires the user to tap with thumb and index finger, index and middle finger, middle and ring finger, and ring and pink finger respectively. To have punctuation marks, the user needs to double-tap. To get a comma, double-tap M twice. Since comma has two “M’s”, it will be easy to remember.

All the keys on the keyboard can be tapped using this wearable keyboard. Another notable feature of this product is that the user can also customize it to get keyboard shortcuts and special symbols.

There is a small optical chip in the corner of the thumb ring. It has both a laser and an image sensor. To use Tap Strap as a mouse, simply place the thumb down on any surface. A cursor will appear on the paired device. Small movements of the thumb will move the cursor. Tapping the index finger has the same effect of a left-click and the middle finger that of a right-click. You can also perform drag-and-drop and scrolling. To make Tap back into a keyboard, all you have to do is to lift your hand.

You can learn to tap within 90 minutes. This is because, with Tap, you no longer have to remember the locations of the keys. TapGenius learning game is a game that helps you to learn to tap faster.

Almost all Bluetooth enabled devices can be operated with this keyboard. Say goodbye to those wired keyboards!!

Viral Gads