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Protect Your Apple TV Remote With This Amazing Skidproof Remote Guard

Now you can protect your Apple TV remote with this skidproof remote guard. This is an exclusive product for the Apple 4th and 5th TV Remote. Also, you can make the table look more classy and organized by keeping the TV remote in one place.

The soft silicone material makes the product worthy. The silicone material is damage, scratches, and shocks resistance. Also, the durable silicone is soft to the touch and provides great grip for added security of the remote. So, this skidproof remote guard will add superb grip and drop protection. The Lanyard is included with the pack. However, Apple TV and Siri Remote are not included.

The powerful magnets in the skid proof remote guard will allow you to attach the remote to any metal surface. So, you can also attach them on some televisions as well. You will never lose the TV remove again. The superior magnet technology used will provide maximum safety to your TV remote.

This product is very easy to use. It has dual microphones, glass touch surface, buttons, and port for charging. All the different functions are open to having direct access. Also, it has an adjustable strap of 240 millimeters in length.

This product looks stylish and classy. So, it will add up to the glamour of your home. This product is best to keep in homes with kids.

You can buy it for yourself and for your friends as well. This product comes in five different colors to match your preferences and tastes. You can select from frosted white, Black, Jean indigo, Red and Solid white.

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