This Paper Airplane Drone with Camera Can Control with Smartphone

We all have made paper airplanes in childhood. Also, we have tried to make them fly in the air. This paper airplane drone comes with a live streaming camera. The thrill of flying this paper airplane is unbeatable. It will give you the feeling of flying your own plane.

The airplane has been made in collaboration with leading and undisputed camera drone company, Parrot. The high-quality live streaming camera will give you excitement while you fly the airplane. You may even forget that you are actually flying a paper airplane. Who has ever thought of a paper airplane with a camera? All thanks to upgraded technology.

This paper airplane drone is the first of its kind. Also, you get a unique adventure at an affordable price. This is very easy to assemble and can be done in minutes. The camera rotates 360 degrees. Also, this airplane comes with a remote control operation and runs with a lithium battery. The package includes the lithium polymer battery.

Do not underestimate the drone as it is made paper. The paper airplane is made of a 3 axis accelerometer, a 3 axis gyroscope, a 3 axis compass, a barometer, and a smart autopilot mode. This paper airplane makes your childhood dreams come true. You can fly this with your Smartphone.

The paper airplane drone is 12*6*3.5 inches in dimensions and weighs around 1 pound. This drome is suitable for kids above 14 years of age. So, gift it to anyone above the age of 14.

This paper drone camera has the CES 2017 best innovation in drone and unmanned award.  The paper drone comes with a one year warranty. So, spoil your loved ones with such a wonderful gift and make them nostalgic.

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