Splash Play Mat for Outdoor Fun in Summer

Summer is coming; hence you can let your kids keep fresh in the hot days and have fun outdoor games. For that, you can buy the Splash Play Mat. This upgraded sprinkler toy has a large diameter of 68 inches. That is big enough to host family and friends, not play alone.

As well as, the splash play mat consists of high-quality 0.30mm PVC material. Besides, the material is thick, tested, certified, and safe.
They are also BPA-free and phthalates free. The Splash Play Mat is 30% thicker than other inflatable water toys. These mats are reducing, cracking and tearing, non-toxic, and more durable. They have high-quality edge sealing technology makes it not easy to burst.

You have to plug Splash Play Mat into a garden hose or PVC tubing. Adjust the water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. You can fold the sprinkler pad into a small size for secure storage. Do not forget to place a small waterproof ring into a hose connection to avoid water leakage.

Obuby splash pad is a circular patent mat with a wavering around the edge. Then the water inflates the ring, pushing it out through the sprinkler holes around sides. The water also collects in the middle play area so your baby can splash in a mini pool.

Don’t leave a child unattended while the device is in use. Use only under adult supervision. Don’t lift/move the splash pad when filled with water. The water weight might cause ruptures. Don’t contact the splash play mat with sharp objects. These can be rock, gravel, shells, glass fragments, metal fragments, wood chips, etc.

Obuby sprinklers’ play mat consists of durable environmental and non-toxic PVC. Due to the production process, there are some smells, and it will disappear in a few days. It’s no harmful chemicals while kids are playing. So buy it now.

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