Magnificent Magnetic Levitating Globe to Decor Home

The earth revolves and rotates and, we can only imagine such views. But here is one gadget that will mesmerize you and allure you at the same time. This Magnetic Levitating Earth Globe is an exceptional display of science gadget. The stunning map of the earth has lights and, it rotates continuously creating an enchanting environment around itself, full of amazement. There, it is a unique home decor masterpiece to have in your home.

It is interesting for kids to watch this magnificent thing hanging in the air. They would easily learn about geography with more practical knowledge. Not only for kids, but this gadget also can amaze adults and visitors with its brilliance and concept behind the design. It is good as a home decor item and magnificent as a gift for someone.

Magnetic Levitating World Globe is a perfect gift for teachers, professors and anyone related to the educational community, especially for a professor of geography or history teacher. The diameter of the floating globe is eight inches. It has a height of 12 inches. It works on the supply of 110V. The dimensions of the packaged item are 8 X 8 X 12 inches. It weighs little less than two pounds.

It has a built-in speed sensor to remain in uniform motion throughout. You need to charge the device first and then put it in a table. The device globe lasts for at least three years continuously. It is surely an amazing gift for friends and family.

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