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Maestro occupancy sensor switch to Simplify Your Work

The Maestro occupancy sensor switch detects fine motions such as reading or working at a desk. This ensures that the lights do not turn off when the room is busy. The senses motion up to 30 feet away for up to 900 square feet of coverage. Besides, it’s designed to learn your personal light preference based on your use of the product.

The Maestro sensor switch has patented ambient light detection technology. That can identify when daylight is in the room. As a result, the switch only turns the lights on when they’re needed. Keeping the sleek design of the Maestro family, Lutron sensors match the décor of any room in your home. The Maestro occupancy sensor switch is available in four colors: Almond, Ivory, Light Almond, and White. Choose your favorite color and go with it.

You can switch the Maestro occupancy sensor switch to vacancy mode. In which you turn the lights on when you enter a room, and a sensor shuts the lights off when the room is vacant. Vacancy mode is great for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, or rooms with pets.

The Maestro occupancy sensor switch works with all bulb types. Including incandescent, halogen, and electronic low voltage bulbs. It can also operate ceiling or exhaust fans up to 3 amps. There is no need for a neutral wire. This product is for single-pole and 3-way applications only.

Lutron products save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an addition to the home and office. Lutron estimates that the installed base of its products saves the nation 10 billion kWh of electricity. Also, it could be approximately $1 billion in utility costs per year. So you can place its order if you are finding this sensor switch useful for you. Spend your few minutes on an online platform and for its delivery.

Last update was on: May 11, 2024 5:01 am

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