Solar Inflatable Lanterns: Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Lighting

Many brightness settings of solar inflatable lanterns make it a perfect indoor or outdoor light. Apart from this, they are lightweight, inflatable, collapsible, waterproof (IP67), shatterproof, and dustproof. Also, they are safe for children.

You can view them as an excellent option for camping, hiking, fishing, emergency preparedness. Not only this, but you can also even carry solar inflatable lanterns to patio parties/picnics, fun in the pool, and more. Besides, it makes a perfect gift for any occasion for your dear one.

Also, you can use it for up to 24 hours of light when the battery gets a full charge. No more batteries needed.

You have two ways to recharge them either through Solar or by USB. In addition, you can recharge in approximately 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight. Also, you can recharge it through micro USB input (cord included) in 1-2 hours.

Solar inflatable lanterns let you bring rechargeable light anywhere. You have to use the power of the sun to recharge your lantern. Moreover, you have a selection of lanterns to choose from; that shine at up to 50 – 75 lumens of the bright LED light. You will get a range between 12 – 50 hours of light on a single charge.  The PackLite Nova USB, PackLite Spectra USB, and PackLite Firefly USB get charged with the sun, or with a USB input cord (included). These lanterns pack flat to under an inch thick but expand into full-sized lanterns. The lights are 100% waterproof and float on water.

Solar inflatable lanterns give you the flexibility you might not otherwise have. They cost less, and one can put them in any areas that wired lanterns can’t and are better for the environment. Solar Wall Lanterns are helpful choices when designing your landscape. These lanterns provide the same ambiance you are looking for from your other lighting options.

Last update was on: April 14, 2024 10:03 am

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