Remote Control Train Set with Bluetooth Capability

Confused about what to give your little kid? Introducing this remote control train set by Lionel. The set includes 2-8-4 locomotive and tender, two coach cars, and an observation car.

Besides, four movie characters, Eight curved O36 FasTrack track sections are also there. That is not all to this set. It includes a lot more. It also has one 10” straight power lock-on, one terminal section, and two 10” straight sections.

Well-packed with a power supply, there is a remote for the locomotive. The express bell is also there. This train set’s locomotive features are sure to impress you. A remote or LionChief Bluetooth controls the electric locomotive. The official “All aboard The Polar Express movie sound clip plays. Besides, the “Tickets Please” sound also features. With these sounds, you will get a real vibe of a train running on the tracks.

This remote control train set has on/off switches for smoke and sound. You can also listen to the steam chuffing and engine background sounds. Similarly, a lot more other things are also present. A whistle, bell, and user-activated announcements are also there. There is also an operating headlight. The puffing smoke unit is also there. An operating coupler is present on the rear of the tender.

The set has a powerful motor, two traction tires, and much more. Your kid will be beyond happy upon receiving this amazing remote control train set. The features and functions make it so powerful and desirable.

Interior lighting, decorated drumhead are some of the features of the passenger car. The rounded observation platform is another one of them. You have a forward and reverse speed control knob on the remote.

Three buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special announcements are also given. Just like a real train, these features are there in this set. To operate this set, you need three AAA alkaline batteries.

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Are you confused about what to give them at Christmas or any other festival? Go for this remote control train set without a second thought.

Last update was on: May 20, 2024 9:26 pm

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