Glow in The Dark Wall Stickers for Decoration

Ever visited a planetarium and thought of having something similar in your room? Or ever seen at the night sky and wondered if you could see the stars and the moon twinkling in your room? Fantastical isn’t it. LIDERSTAR presents glow in the dark wall stickers. The wall stickers have planets and stars.

The glow in the dark wall stickers has an amazing glow. The stickers have different shades to give them a real look. You can stick them on the ceiling or any other wall in the room. Kids always have a fascination with fantastical things. You can make your own little universe inside your room. The 8 planets in the pack are very realistic. Not only this but the stars also glow brightly all night long. You can teach your kids about the solar system with the e-book that comes along.

The fluorescent stars and planets have strong adherence and stay up for a long period of time. The liminality stays longer. All the glow in the dark wall stickers has an extraordinary luminous powder. All you have to do is stick them and turn off the lights and your planetarium is ready. The bonus feature of these wall stickers is that you can recharge their glowing capacity. Expose them to a light source daily for 5 minutes. This will allow them to glow in the night.

Your kids can bid farewell to their fear of the dark with these stickers. The stickers have a very gentle illumination. This calms the minds of the kids and they can have a peaceful sleep. The quality of the stickers is commendable. The glow in the dark sticker pack is a perfect unisex gift for kids. It is both educational as well as fun. Kids will enjoy learning about the universe in an innovative way.

Last update was on: May 11, 2024 11:27 pm

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