Electric Foot Massager with Soothing Infrared Heat and Air Compression

A good massage is useful to get relief from all the body pain. This shiatsu foot massager will enhance the flow of blood in your body. Also, it is useful to relieve muscle tension, tired feet, and chronic nerve pain. Also, it helps in better blood circulation.

You can adjust the intensity of the message up to 3 pressure levels. It will give you both leg massage and deep tissue shiatsu kneading massage. So, choose as per your preference. You will feel extremely relaxed after using this shiatsu foot massager.

It has two-foot chambers. They offer a mixture of shiatsu kneading and rolling massage therapy. The air pressure will apply pressure to your entire foot. The kneading direction can be changed by pressing a button. You can also opt for air compression only with no Kneading. It comes with small ergonomics massage heads to massage acupuncture points. Also, you can use the heat function in it for a better feel. Though it will take you 2-3 sessions to adjust to the temperature change.

The removable foot cover makes the cleaning much easy and convenient. You just have to unzip the cover and wash it. It can be used again in a more hygienic way.

So buy this wonderful shiatsu foot massager for yourself and for your friends as well. This foot massager has 2 meters long cord to make it easy to use. You can use it in your home or office as well. Its elegant design makes it a perfect gifting idea. Also, this makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. Share your love and care with such a wonderful gift. Let others also feel relaxed and stress-free.

Viral Gads