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Wireless Oximeter with Fingertip Pulse for iPhone & Android

Wish to check your blood oxygen saturation with the most accurate results? This wireless oximeter by iHealth will do the job right. Clinically tested and a HIPAA compliant, this oximeter will measure your pulse rate. You can measure your blood oxygen level and perfusion index too.

Want to spot check your oxygen and pulse rate pre and post-workout? This wireless and lightweight device is what you should totally go for. Also, with an easy-to-use interactive app, you can sync via Bluetooth smart in just one touch. Track your trends on the free iHealth my vitals app. This is not it to this wireless oximeter. There is a lot more to it.

Whether it is your clinic, a hospital, or intensive care, you can use this oximeter at anywhere. Even while being at the comfort of your home, you can use it and avoid taking a trip to the clinic. Sure when you think of buying any health device, you might want to know the features. Besides checking the spot-checking of SpO2 and pulse rate, this has more features.

Adding to the impressive features, you get a Plethysmograph. Showing a visual representation of your heartbeat, it will also show waveforms. With the perfusion index, you can look at the numerical representation of your pulse rate. Higher the number, higher is your pulse strength.

Also, you can track your SpO2 and pulse rate history with the help of the digital logbook. A sharp and clear LED display allows to accurately measure and show your results. Charge the built-in 390mAh Li-ion battery with a micro-USB cable.

You can gift this wireless oximeter to your loved ones who need it. This is something that will surely be of use to them and take care of them. You can even get it for yourself. Get accurate results at home with this wireless oximeter that has a 100 times memory space.

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