Hanging Tree Swing Seat For Your Backyard

Want to add some fun to your boring backyard? Here is the Hi Suyi 40” Giant disc nest rope hanging tree swing seat. The swing seat is easy to handle and set up. People of all ages can enjoy this swing seat in their backyard. The swing seat is made up of a very durable material that can stand the rain, snow and even the sun. The material of the swing is sturdy and has UV protection. This makes it more durable than any other product.
If you do not have a well-grown tree to hang the swing seat, your patio or the porch will do. Make sure you attach the hanging tree swing seat to the strong area so that it can hold the weight easily. The ropes are durable and have height adjustment locks. This helps manage the height according to the purpose of use. The swing seat is perfect for daycare kids who can just sit and relax. The length of the ropes is about 27 inches and the adjustment rope has a height of 39.6inches and can hold a maximum weight of 400lbs.
The hanging tree swing seat can also be used as an adult garden canopy. Since the maximum weight, the swing seat can hold is 400lbs it is easy for 2-3 people to sit together and relax.
The hanging tree swing seat requires manual assembly. It is fairly simple to assemble the swing seat with the use of ropes, hanging rings, length adjustment ropes, and the screws and nuts that are provided along with the set. An extra rope is required to attach to the swing seat to the tree or the porch wherever you would want to get it installed.
The product is available in 2 shades, purple and pink. Pick your favorite and enjoy swinging with the swirling wind in your backyard.
Last update was on: April 15, 2024 3:17 am

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