The Heart of Ocean Jewelry For The Rose Of Your Life

All girls have wooed after seeing the heart of ocean necklace in Titanic. Girls and jewelry go hand in hand. It is impossible to find a girl who never dreamt of a heart of ocean. That too, from the man of her dreams. This heart of ocean jewelry set is just like the one in the movie Titanic.

Surprise your lady love on any special day with this jewelry set. This set of necklace, earring, and wristlet is a complete set. The blue Swarovski crystal is outstanding. QIANSE has its expertise in jewelry making for over 10 years. This titanic themed jewelry set is one creative masterpiece.

The blue crystal will make your lover’s heart go on and on. Also, the beauty of the necklace can make any girl weak.  This heart of ocean jewelry set is of zinc alloy base. Also, it is nickel and lead-free. So, this safe is absolutely safe to use and is harmless on the skin.

This set contains a necklace of 18 inches long chain with a pendant of 1.8 inches height. it also has an earring of 1.33 inches length and 0.59 inches width. Also, there are 7.8 inches long bracelet which is adjustable. This heart of ocean jewelry set is perfect for cocktail parties. The subtle but rich look of the set is out of the world.

The stunning set is very easy to maintain. Also, it should be kept dry as excessive sweat may cause a change in the color of the metal. The metal also corrodes with repeated touching.  The jewelry set comes in a gift box. So, additional packaging is not necessary.

This jewelry set makes the perfect gift for the ladies of your life. You can gift it to mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and anyone special.

Viral Gads