A Fun Way To Open Wine: The Wine Gun

Are you one of those clumsy people who cannot deal with a regular corkscrew? Anytime you try to open a bottle of wine, do you struggle with the cork? Then, this electric gun wine opener is the gadget you are looking for. And it comes literally shaped like a gun.

Opening a wine is easy for most people. But sometimes corks are stubborn. The Wine Gun helps you to overcome those stubborn corks. You just need to put the bottle inside the wine opener and pull the trigger.

After the wine is opened, you can push the trigger forward and extract the cork. The wine opener helps you open a bottle in seconds. Also, the electric wine opener can open up to 30 bottles of wine in one charge.

The electric gun wine opener is easy to store. It comes with a rubber coated charging base. So, after each use, you can simply put it back into the base. Other than that, the box includes a wall plug and a foil cutter.

The Wine Gun comes in two different colors; simulated steel and high gloss firearm pink. Both are made of plastic, so they do not resemble an actual firearm. This novelty gadget is also a great conversation starter.

This electric wine opener is a serious time saver when it comes to parties, busy nights at bars and even drinking a glass of wine at night. This gadget should be a must have for every wine lover.

Last update was on: April 5, 2024 7:31 am

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