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Fun with learning: Grow and glow terrarium for kids

We love to drink shakes and cold coffee in mason jars. But what if you turn your mason jar into a mini terrarium? Now, what is a terrarium? It is a small jar which is used to grow plants. We have brought to you an interesting terrarium kit for kids.

With this terrarium kit for kids, you can grow a plant in your own room. The kit consists of a mason jar, chia seed, and wheatgrass seeds, glittery sand, decorative rocks, spray bottle, decorative garden figures and glows in dark stickers.

Setting up the mini garden is a fun activity itself. The steps are- the First layer is the soil and sand according to the directions given in the instruction sheet. The layers are of soil mix, sand, decorative rocks and then again soil mix. Each layer should be followed by a few sprays to keep up its moisture content.

After this put some wheat grass seeds on it evenly followed by chia seeds. Then put the cute garden figures in the jar. Now close with a lid and after this decorate the jar with the beautiful glow in dark firefly and butterfly stickers. And the terrarium for kids is ready.

Now, all you have to do is to keep the jar in a nice warm and sunny corner of your room. Only after a few days, you will see magic happen right in your room. The seeds will turn into lovely plants in the jar.

Once the plant is fully grown it will add beauty to your room in the day and in the night by glowing. Watching a plant grow is an amazing experience in itself. It also needs as much patience and cares as a pet.

Moreover, this terrarium for kids is a shared activity where you and your sibling can do something interesting and beautiful together. So get set go and try for yourself!

Last update was on: May 12, 2024 11:16 am

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