Feel The Christmas Vibes With Self-adhesive Snowflake Stickers

Christmas is one festival we all wait for the whole year and to celebrate it. Everyone does a lot of decorations and lighting to beautify their house and surrounding. To add a personal touch to your decorations and stand out in the crowd, embellish your house with our high-quality Christmas snowflake stickers.

The set includes 136 snowflakes baubles and balls. Also, it comes with 56 white round ball stickers in a pack of six sheets.

The blue color aids in taking out the wall stickers. The and snowflakes are white. The strong glue pastes the stickers so firm. So, they do not need anything for sticking on any surface. Just you need to be careful as to not let the edges fold or roll, as it would tamper the stickers.

These snowflake stickers will add to the charm of any place you stick it. Also, it can enhance the aura of places like home, office, coffee shops, restaurants, stalls, supermarkets, and many others. You can attach them on a cupboard, windows, doors, window panes, bathroom tiles etc.

The best part is that it saves on your pocket as it is completely reusable. Just remove these window clings from where you have stuck them. And place them back on the blue sheet it came it. And its ready to be used for your next special occasion.

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