Smart Body Scale with 12 Body Composition Measurements

Don’t you ever want a scale that would not only show your weight but also other things like muscle mass, body water and much more? This amazing smart body scale would show you a lot of things and if you have any problems then you can go to the doctor to check if you have any problems or if you’re fine.

The smart body scale is coming with a rechargeable battery that can charge with USB. The battery can operate for around 6 months with one charge. The scale is made with tempered glass for long life and reliability. The scale can display the reading with 0.2lb/50gms increments.

This accurate scale measures the body metrics like BMR, BMI, body water, body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass, weight, subcutaneous fat, protein, visceral fat, and body weight that is fat-free. These things can help you see is your health.

The clear LCD display on this smart bathroom scale can display other body metrics in addition to the body weight.

This next-generation smart body scale can even store the data for 16 people. This may lower the battery level but no worries, it is rechargeable like a smartphone. The scale is from Etekcity, can work with Fit-bit, Google fit and Apple health.

This superb scale can do many things but there is one more thing that can help you, it can make your family. This scale only costs $59.95. This is an amazing scale that everyone should have. This can help you a lot in the long-term and it would give a better future.

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