Enjoy Pool Party with this Stellar Pegasus Unicorn Pool Float

This huge Pegasus Unicorn Pool Float is a perfect gag to have in a pool party. It is eight feet long and four feet high to impart magic in your summer days. It will let you play, race and feel the best of the pool experience with the weight capacity of 440lbs. Ride with friends and make your day memorable with this Rainbow Pegasus Unicorn Pool Float.

It has got nice and plenty of space to relax and enjoy the day. In this unicorn and rainbow shaped pegasus, you will love to soak the warmth of the sun this summer. It has a new rapid valve system that inflates the Pegasus within 5 minutes. You can use hair-dryer with cold air and let your giant unicorn grow for amazement.

It makes you go through an unforgettable experience. It is made up of thick phthalate-free PVC. This pool float also features ergonomic handles to remain in perfect balance during the ride. It features the high-quality material with resistant to tear and shape damage.

The product dimensions are 108 X 28 X 55. It weighs little more than 8 pounds. Therefore, You can gift this masterpiece to any girl or women in your life.

It is a perfect Christmas gift and, you can buy it for yourself. This Pegasus is full of amazement when you go out to relax.

Also, the services of the manufacture are amazing. Enjoy the gift for at least five years with the same quality all over. You can return the gift even after using it for one month.

Last update was on: June 18, 2024 2:08 am

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