Blood Glucose Check Kit to Check Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one of the most widespread chronic illnesses. Along with hereditary reasons our lifestyle is another reason for this ailment. To prevent any serious issues it is necessary to check blood sugar levels regularly. Dario presents its blood glucose check kit. The kit includes a glucose-meter, 25 strips, 10 sterile lancets, and 10 disposable covers.

The kit is compact and easy to carry. It stores the lancet, test strips, and meter in your pocket or purse. Not only this, but you can also connect the blood glucose check kit to your smartphone (iPhone). In this way, all your data stays in one place. Since you can provide your doctor with the exact details of your sugar levels, there will be a convenience in medications too. Also, the glucose meter connects to your phone on its own. Hence, you do not have to download or transfer your blood glucose readings again and again.

The glucose meter determines the blood sugar level through electrochemical biosensor technology. That is, an electrical current generates through the chemical reaction. The reaction is between the reagent and glucose on the strip. Hence, the strength of the current from the reaction depends upon the amount of glucose in the blood sample. The blood glucose check kit detects the current and converts it into blood glucose reading. There is a 95% accuracy in the results.

Also, you can share your blood sugar level details through the app. This makes the commute to the doctor easier. The results can undergo thorough analysis. With this, you get world-class treatment.

If you or your loved ones have issues with hypo diabetes there is nothing to worry about with Dario. The app alerts you with its Hypo Alert System. Also, you can add 4 emergency contacts in the app. There is a tool to count the number of carbohydrates that you intake. With a database of 500,000 food items, the glucose meter does the math for you.

Viral Gads