Amazfit Bip vs Bip Lite: Which One You Should You Choose?

Amazfit smartwatches always turn a lot of attention due to its attractive features and aggressive pricing. Their latest device Amazfit Bip2 went on sale in August 2019. But Amazfit Bip2 happens to be more of a health monitoring device suitable for elders. Unfortunately, the Bip2 is not available online and let’s focus Bip vs Bip Lite models.

Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite are much more features packed and are more inclined towards youngsters. Are you planning to buy one of them and is stuck with choosing Amazfit Bip or Lite? Let’s compare them and find out which one is suitable for you.

The Common Features: Bip vs Bip Lite

Both Bip and Bip Lite are amazing value for its price. But let’s choose the better one. First, let’s see the features common in the two devices. Both the devices are claimed to have 45 days of battery life from a single charge and have a 1.28-inch transflective display with gorilla glass protection. PPG sensor, Sleep tracking, and sport modes with multiple sports activities like cycling, treadmill, walking, and running can be tracked.

Both devices have a reflective always-on display with AF (Anti-Fingerprint) coating. There is no change in display resolution, both watches, Bip and Bip Lite carry a 1.28″ 176x176PX display.

With a polycarbonate body, both Bip and Bip Lite are light (32g), sturdy, and are comfortable to wear. It takes about 2.5 hours to get the devices charged completely. Notifications from calls, messages, or other apps in the smartphone connected can be seen through both the devices. Vibration alarms are also present in Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite. The bands in both watch models are in the same size, 20mm standard.

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The Difference between Bip and Bip Lite

Amazfit Bip vs Bip Lite Comparison

Now let’s check the differences between Bip and Bip Lite. Well, when you switch to Bip Lite, you are going to miss the GPS. GPS is an essential feature if you are going to use your Amazfit watch for outdoor activities and sports. The built-in GPS & GLONASS is surely an advantage for Bip over Bip lite. The builtin compass also makes Bip more convenient in use for outdoor activities like walking and running.

Bip VS Bip Lite

While we dig into more deep, there are additional specs that are more common to both models. In addition to the GPS, there are a couple of other sensors are missing in Bip Lite. The Amazfit Bip has an Air Pressure and Altitude sensors; those do not come with Bip Lite.

Specification Amazfit Bip Amazfit Bip Lite
Watch Display 1.28″ Refl. LCD 1.28″ Refl. LCD
Display Resolution 176x176PX 176x176PX
Screen Size 1.28 inch 1.28 inch
Always On Display Yes Yes
Charge time ~2.5 hours ~2.5 hours
Battery Life 30 Days 30 Days
Battery Life (Max) 45 Days 45 Days
Battery Capacity 190mAH 190mAH
Sensors HR/Aclr/Comp/ Baro/Alti HR/Aclr
Compatibility Android 4.4 and iOS 8 and above Android 4.4 and iOS 9 and above
Water Proof Rating IP68 3 ATM
Check on Amazon Amazfit Bip Amazfit Bip Lite

In addition to this, you are going to miss the Accelerometer if you go for Bip Lite. When you consider the dustproof and waterproof rating, both the devices are water and dust resistant but Bip is IP68 rated while Bip lite is 3 ATM.

How much you Save between Bip vs Bip Lite

Both Bip and Bip lite is an amazing value for the price. Bip is available in Amazon for less than $80.00 in four colors, red, green, white and black. The Bip Lite sells from Gearbest for $59.99 and from Amazon for just above $60.00 with three available colors, pink, blue and black.

There is a $20.00 difference between the devices, and you are going to compromise a couple of sensors for this price saving. Whether the price difference is going to make a huge impact? Well, it depends on your needs and the location where you are.

Which one should you buy? Bip or Bip Lite

The Bip and Bip Lite Smartwatches from Amazfit are cool and useful devices and offer a lot of features for its price. If you are someone who does more outdoor sports activities and needs to track your path using GPS without carrying a smartphone with you, Amazfit Bip is the device for you. For someone who needs a simple and cheaper device and if you prefer more indoor activities, then Bip Lite is a perfect device for you.

The price difference is not huge while you consider the built-in sensors that you can get for additional bucks while considering the other expensive smartwatches from Apple and Samsung.

  1. Watch arrived with 92 percent battery it is now at 36 percent. I have used it for 2 weeks. The watch itself is just ok in appearance. The text is small and the screen is just ok. The watch I looked better but it was too thick. I have showered with it a 2 times allowing the watch to take direct contact with my shower spray as I normally would because I forgot to take it off. No issues at all. This is a great no frills smart watch. Sleep tracking is accurate as far as I can tell.

  2. I bought this watch specifically for strength of vibration alarm. It is strong enough to wake me every time. The sleep tracking seems accurate for the most part. The battery life itself makes me overlook some concerns. I use this watchface because it has a large time font, with just date and steps. This is all I need 99% of the time. It only lacks a way to control music, and to reply to calls or texts with a canned response. Otherwise a great watch for the price.

  3. Love!!! Love!!! Love!!! Love this AMAZFIT bip lite smart watch sooooo much! The packing is simple, clean and elegant.I bought this to replace my Pebble 2, because a rubber button tore off compromising its use and its waterproof capabilities. Lightweight watch with fantastic value and durability so far. This fitness smartwatch is a bargain. You won’t find a better smartwatch in this price range! I will update if I run into any issues.

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