The Mirror Dash Cam with Touch Screen & HD Rear View Camera

While traveling, there are many things that we should keep in mind. Using GPS, tracking speed and location, preventing accidents, etc. are some of them. A mirror dash cam is very important nowadays and more and more people are now considering buying it.

This dash cam will provide you incredible vision, recording, and camera. This mirror dash cam has a front camera of 1080P and 9.66-inch streaming media rear view mirror. This mirror features a Full HD IPS touchscreen that allows you to see more traffic info.

The 1080P camera records HQ videos day and night. Also, it has a 170° ultra-wide lens to cover the road ahead and capture all the critical details. You will get a great night vision while reversing with AHD low exposure 1080P back camera.

The G sensor locks the video while encountering a collision. This prevents the video from being overwritten even when the loop function is on. This mirror dash cam also has a 24-hour parking monitor. This monitor is set to shut down in 5 seconds when not connected to an external power supply. When shifting to reverse gear, the rear view powers on automatically.

Also, it has a 140-degree viewing angle, which will give an adequate view of what’s behind the car. It will improve traffic safety due to the elimination of the blind spot. This dash cam weighs 1.72 pounds and its dimensions are 10 x 2.8 x 1 inch.

Get this mirror dash cam today to help you overall with your driving, parking, and many more things. Also, gift this to your beloved people to make life easier. This makes the perfect for all who trouble with parking.

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