Ceramic Succulent Planter Set To Place Your Beautiful Plants 

Want to know about amazing home decor? Have a look at this ceramic succulent planter set by Charming Melodie. There are 3 planters included in this set. These flowerpots are a colorful collection. You can decorate your bathrooms, bedroom, or any room with these pots.

Increase greenery in your garden and balcony with these amazing planters. You can even use these as vase or containers. These are perfect as herbs, succulents, and cactus plant holder. There is more to this ceramic succulent planter set.

These handmade pots are made of high-quality porcelain. Also, it is baked at high temperatures for durability. Similarly, the color is stable and rich. The moisture will be in the pot by the glaze. They even have a lightweight miniature size. What else do you want in a planter? These planters also have a little drain hole at the bottom. This hole will help in draining the water.

This way the water will not clog into the pot. It will also ensure the airflow of your living flowers. The packaging box of this planter set is sure to amuse you. This polyfoam inside adds more than just aesthetics. It will save your pot from breaking off.

This round planter pot is the best for your interior decor. So, you can decorate your kitchen counter or desktop with this. Be as creative as you can with these pots. Put your favorite orchids into these pots as you want. Also, these can be a great centerpiece or tabletop vases.

Also, gift this planter set box to your friends or family, especially ladies on any occasion. It is perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or housewarming. This product’s dimensions are 13.3 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches. It weighs 1.13 pounds. This ceramic succulent planter makes all the heads turn.

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