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Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner is Powerful Enough to Suck All Dirt from your Car

Cleaning your vehicles become tougher when comes to corners. What if you can vacuum your cars to clean them up? The mini car vacuum cleaner from Tsumbay is such a suitable gadget for easing out your job. It offers two modes of cleaning, dry and wet.

With this Mini car vacuum cleaner, you can clean any rough corners, even your car or your home. Also, the 5000PA suctioning is much stronger. Afterward, it gives you a noiseless action. The high pressure suctioning can absorb almost all fine dust.

As mentioned above, the dry cleaning and wet cleaning is the best feature packing in this vacuum cleaner. The cleaner can absorb dust, crumb, hairs, as well as spilled liquids, milk, etc.  That is why this cleaner is a complete solution for your clean up job.

The mini car vacuum cleaner has a 16.4ft long power code, elastic hose, and nozzle sets. So, you can spot even the hardest corners. The nozzle set ensures persistent suction of dirt.

This handy tool is very easy to handle. The storage bag fits the cleaner and accessories, on least space. Moreover, the detachable head and filter make it easy to clean this mini vacuum cleaner itself. The filter is made of stainless steel to provide high durability. The cleaner needs less space in your car to occupy.

This vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to keep your car as well as your home corners clean and tidy. Briefly, this is a handheld vacuum cleaner which works on low energy and provides better usage.


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