Electric Portable Eye Massager with Heating Air Pressure Music Vibration

This electric eye massager from iSee4 will relieve your eye fatigue. This is perfect for you who spend most of your time in front of a computer. So, you can get more fit eyes for doing your daily work. You can rest your eyes a bit to optimize their performance. After using this product, they will be ready for more workload.

The design of this electric eye massager is so flexible that it fits both men and women. Also, this product is very comfortable to use. You can also fold it for easy storage. So, you can put it in narrow spaces to save more room for other stuff.

The main concept of this electric eye massager is to circulate blood better to and from your eyes. This puts them into a nice relaxation phase. Plus, it generates infrared heat of 104F to support blood circulation. So, you can relieve any fatigue on your eyes.

There are several massage modes that this product supports. Those are kneading, rhythmic percussion, oscillating pressure, and trigger point therapy. Each mode can relieve the different issue.  So, you can choose the one that fits your needs.

The material of this electric eye massager is hypoallergenic cover fabric. So, you can ensure that you will be convenient while using it. Also, this material easy to maintain. Thus, you can ensure that the product has high quality and functionality.

You can use this product anytime you want. Some of the best times to use it are before you sleep and after you use any gadget with a screen. This product will help you relax your eyes after all that. So, make sure you gift this product to those who deserve it.

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