17 Cool Air Pod Cases to Get for Your Air Pods

Air Pods are not just only phone accessories but a fashion statement as well. These wireless pieces are quite making the trend amongst people nowadays. Along with this, comes the desire to have cool and stylish cases to keep these Air Pods. Though, there are the basic cases that come with your Air Pods. But, if you want to step up the game and get some attractive cases that are both cute and cool, then you are in the right place.

Here, we have compiled and made a list of 17 cool Air Pod cases that you can choose from to get for your Air Pods.

Spinning Leather Air Pod Case

Air Pods are trending in the market. But only a few types of cases are available. Air Vinyl Design presents its spinning leather Air Pods case. The case has a leather lining which gives it a classy look. The cover has a plastic case inside for safe storage. A port is present at the bottom of the case. This allows you to charge your Air Pods even when they are in the case. The material is durable. The case is available in various colors.

Glitter Silicone Air Pod Case

The designs of cases available in the market are often dull and unattractive. Filoto presents a wide range of colorful glitter silicone Air Pods case. The case has a key chain design. The design helps in easy access to the case. There is a puffball attached to the case. It gives the case a pretty and attractive look. The puffball is detachable for convenience purposes. The cover gives 360-degree protection to your Air Pods. The glitter Air Pods case is a perfect gift for women.

Printed Air Pods Case

Some of us have a soft spot for flowery patterns. These patterns give a vintage vibe. Air Pods presents its printed Air Pods cases. An extra Air Pods case pouch is also given. The pouch allows you to store little stuff in it. The zip lock of the pouch makes sure the case is safe and so are its belongings. The case is compatible with Air Pods 1/2/3. The case has a hook. You can latch the case to your bag, bottle or even jeans. The printed case gives a very chic look.

Marvel Avengers Air Pods Case

Most of us are Marvel fans. And to get our hands on the Marvel accessories is like a dream come true. The last accessory that is a must-have is a Marvel Air Pods case. TinPlanet presents its exclusive collection of Marvel Avengers Air Pods case. The case is licensed by marvel. The case is of ultra-premium elastomers for a smooth, dust-resistant finish. The cases are available in the designs of Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Spiderman. The cases have a precise fit that protects your Air Pods.

French Fries Air Pods Case

McDonald’s has been everybody’s childhood favorite. Their French fries have always had a huge fan base. So why not have a memoir from your childhood favorites. Gemfits presents its French fries Air Pods case. The case gives a perfect nostalgic feel with its perfect mini design of McDonald’s. The cute slogan makes the case even more attractive. The material is durable and has a lock as well. The lock adds to its convenience. You can latch it anywhere you want. The lock is strong enough to not break away the case.

Crystal Air Pods Case

To add some bling to your life Kingxbar introduces its Crystal Air Pods case. The case is lightweight and very chic. The case is of hard PC material. The inner lining of the case has an upgraded anti-slip gel. A key chain is also present. It allows you to latch it according to your convenience. The case has small crystals that add the bling to the case. An accessory kit is also a part of the case. The kit has an Air Pods Ear Hook, a watch band holder, and a magnetic strip as well. The cases have printed designs.

Silicone Air Pods Case

A huge variety of Air Pods cases are available. But a very few cases are available that are compatible with Air Pods Pro. The cases which are available in the market are either black or white. Hanisfer presents its exclusive range of Air Pods cases, compatible with Air Pods Pro. The cases are available in pretty and vibrant colors. The case also is of silicone which prevents any sort of scratches or dust. The case provides all-over protection to your Air Pods. Also, the thickness of the case is enhanced. Moreover, the case comes with a one year warranty.

 Marble Air Pods Case

Aesthetic beauty is what attracts modern people like us. Marbles with decent patterns give a very soothing look. Such designs also relax our minds once we pry them with our eyes. Mangix introduces its marble Air Pods case. The cases have a decent design. There is a shiny appearance in the case which gives a very decent look. The cases are itself an example of aesthetic beauty. The soft and thin silicone lining inside will not deform or melt on a longer duration of usage. Neither will it scratch the Air Pods charging station.

Pikachu Air Pods Case

Some of us have a soft spot for Pikachu. For all the Pikachu lovers, Joyleop presents its Pikachu Air Pods case. The case is a perfect imitation of Pikachu. Key chains in most of the cases are very basic. But the Pikachu Air Pods case comes with two key chains, one of them being the face of Pikachu. Air Pods Case is scratchproof and gives complete protection to the Air Pods. The carabineer key chain helps you to latch your case anywhere. The vibrant color and unique design of the key chain makes it eye-catchy.

 Egg Air Pods Case

Orange is a color that most of us connect with. And eggs are a favorite dish amongst many. PeepCase presents its Sunny-side up egg Air Pods case. Moreover, the case has a bright egg on it which compliments the orange color. The color is what makes the case pop out. The case gives all-round protection to your Air Pods. Charging support is a feature of the case. This makes it easy for you to charge your Air Pods. On the backside, a symbol of Air Pods is also made.

 Retro Phone tyle Air Pods Case

Another trending design of Air Pods case is the retro phone style Air Pods case. Mulafnxal provides retro phone cases. These cases give a perfect vintage vibe. A loop is present in the case. The loop is very trendy, despite a cubical shape the Air Pods fit well. The colors available for the case are black and pink. Usually, it’s difficult to find unisex cases, but this case is suitable for both boys and girls. Moreover, the design is attractive and leaves an everlasting impression on people.

 Furball and Tassel Air Pods Case

Going to a party but confused if you should take your boring Air Pods case along. Camyse presents its beautiful fur ball and tassel Air Pods case. Tassels and fur balls always add a bling to your mundane accessories. So here we have an Air Pods case that is both trendy and classy. The case comes with a blue furball and tassels. There is a small star attached too. The material of the Air Pods case is durable. The key chain helps in convenient latching.

 Television Style Air Pods Case

There are a variety of Air Pods cases available. But sometimes it gets difficult to find a case that is out of the box and unique. Mulafnxal presents its television-style Air Pods case. The case is simple and minimalistic. Television case has a very appealing look. Although the shape is that of a cuboid there is no compromise in the storage of Air Pods. The case supports wireless charging. The color of the television case is a tinge of sea green. This gives a classy look to the case.

 Baby Blue Air Pods Case

The happy cover presents its baby blue Air Pods case. The case is thickened and has a glittery appearance. The high-quality silicone resin serves as a second skin for the Air Pods case. The blue color of the case gives it a very subtle look. The angular cut of the case makes it look like a gemstone. Moreover, the golden key chain compliments the glittery blue color of the case. It looks pretty when latches to your pants or bag. The case is dust and shockproof.

Popcorn Air Pods Case

Everyone is crazy to go to the movies. And watching movies without popcorn doesn’t feel like it. To inspire your inner movie fan, Mulafnxal presents its popcorn Air Pods case. The loop given along with the case is also trendy. The loop provides a great grip. The color of the case is eye-catchy and very detailed. The popcorn case is also compatible with wireless charging. The case must be shockproof to provide complete protection to your Air Pods. The case does not compromise in taking care of your Air Pods.

 Avocado Air Pods Case

Avocados are a major food which is trending. Inspired by your love for avocados Mulafnxal presents Avocado Air Pods case. The case is pretty in shades of green. The avocado case is like an animated character. The best part about the case is that it has the shape of an avocado. Also, the case is protective in nature and has a durable material. The case supports wireless charging for hassle-free usage. The case fits like a glove to the Air Pods and assures safe storage.

SpongeBob Air Pods Case

SpongeBob has been our childhood favorite. To have something that reminds us of our happy childhood. Txgot presents its SpongeBob Air Pods case. The case is the exact replica of the cartoon character. Even the shape resembles the shape of the characters. This makes it even more attractive. The colors stay for a long time and even the material of the case is durable. The design does not compromise with the quality of the protection the case provides. Also, the silicone cover is dust resistant.

The list of Best Cool Air Pods Cases ends here, leaving a lot of excitement over the cuteness of the cases, which they give to your Air Pods.

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