14 Best Christmas Window Decorations for this Christmas

The Window decorations and snowflake window clings are the cutest decorative items you can get for Christmas Holidays. You can bring a new phase to your cute home with these window stickers and Christmas window stickers. Most of these stickers are DIY type, you can easily stick on the glass window and remove without any mark or residue.

We have shortlisted a few of the best Christmas window Decorations that you can add on to your decorations. This year, beautify your place and give it a cozy festive vibe with these Christmas decorations ornaments.

Window Stickers for Christmas and Hanukkah Decorations

Christmas is around the corner; and so is Hanukkah. To get in the festive mood, you must have the vibe for it. These window stickers are perfect decorations for celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah. You get 354 snowflake clings and holiday greetings. With 35% more window clings than any other brands, there is no way you would not want to choose these.

Get in the Christmas spirit and greet your guests with these window stickers. Winter wonderland clings is also provided, which is suitable for all holidays. Decors such as Santa ornaments and stars will give everyone an indication that Santa is coming down the lane. Welcome the Hanukkah with the nine candles Chanukiah stickers. Reusable and versatile; these window stickers are worth a try!

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Snowflake Window Clings Coming in 3 Designs

Decorating and decorations are one thing that excites everyone when the festive season is approaching. Coming in 3 types of designs, these 159 pieces of window clings are sure to make you more excited. With 113 pieces of white dots, you can get the feel of snowfall by just looking through the window. With 272 pieces in total, this pack includes snowflakes and white dots of various sizes. You can even make your own Christmas tree on your window with the help of these stickers.

With no adhesive at all, these stickers stick all by themselves. Stick them to your windows with no hassle, and take them off by peeling them off. You will be amazed to see your window glass undamaged and without the glue that is usually left off after peeling the sticker. Don’t want to throw away the clings after you’ve taken them down? Then you don’t have to. Reusable and great for anywhere- home windows, mirrors, or glass storm doors; give these a try.

White Baubles/Bells Stickers

Love it when it snows? Who doesn’t? These white baubles/bells stickers are best for when you cannot witness snowfall, or want to add an extra oomph to all the snow outside your window. With 168 pieces of white snowflakes and 91 white round dots, you can run your imagination and decorate your windows or glass doors as you want with these stickers. Create a pattern for it to look organized or even place it anywhere.

With no adhesive or tape needed to stick them, these have a no-mess formula. Not restricted to just window glass, these decoration stickers can be stuck anywhere. Glass door, kitchen or bathroom tiles, or any other smooth surface- these clings will add a festive touch. Forget about stocking up these each year, because they’re reusable and can be used each year when the festive season knocks on your door.

Christmas Window Snowflake Clings

Step up your Christmas decorations with this window snowflake clings. With 235 pieces of these clings, create new patterns by putting the decorations together. Made of high-quality material, these decorations are sturdy to attach to the window. Moreover, it is even easy to peel off with no residue being left on the surface. Get creative for your winter or Christmas party with these subtle and beautiful decorations.

Along with the 33 various designs of snowflakes, include the must-haves in your decoration. You Christmas will be incomplete without Ginger man, snowman, nutcracker, reindeer and more. Celebrate the festival in high spirits with all your friends, family, and these fantastic stickers.

Winter Party Decoration Snowflake Clings

Welcome winter most beautifully and dramatically with this snowflake window clings. Ideal for your winter or Christmas party, these stickers have a total of 550 pieces of window clings. With various styles and 10 sheets of clings, there are enough for you to decorate your home beautifully. Want to decorate something other than your window? You totally can! Just put these on any smooth surface and you’re good to go.

Bring a seasonal view to your shop windows, glass doors, and window panes. You may want to avoid using the stuff on your car window since the heat may shrink or peel the stickers. Made of static PVC, these stickers are reusable and removable. Forget about getting your hands messy with gummy or adhesive because the decoration stickers can be stuck without them. Use the stickers for as many times as you want, every year; and it still won’t damage your window.

Colorful Holiday Window Stickers

Get amazing, colorful stickers on your window glass now. Welcome the holiday season with these cute sticker clings. You get a total of 12 individually packaged stickers made of high-quality material. Decorate your home with these reusable Christmas clings. Want to store these and use them for next year as well? You totally can! Coming in different designs, this pack has all your Christmas favorites in it.

With 4 frosty the snowman, enjoy welcoming the snow and build your snowman in the snow. 3 Santa Claus will give you an indication of Santa coming to your house. 1 You also get 1 Christmas tree, candy cane, Christmas wreath and bells, and a Merry Christmas sign as well to welcome your guests. With a measurement of 6’’ high and 4’’ wide, no glue or tape is needed to stick these stickers.

Amazing Snowflake Decoration Sticker

Don’t you wish for the snow to just stop as it falls outside your window? Don’t you wish for it to stick to your window so you can see it all the time? These 232 pieces of Christmas snowflake stickers will the job for you. Made of high-quality material, each sticker is sturdy to attach and easy to peel off.

Without leaving a residue like other stickers, make sure to stick these on to a smooth surface only. Add some snowy vibes to your Christmas or winter party. Let your creative mind run through and create different shapes or patterns with the 33 different styles of snowflakes provided. You can create a giant Christmas tree, a snowman, or a reindeer with the help of these stickers.

Santa Claus & Christmas Tree Window Sticker

You might find it quite difficult to take off all the stickers after Christmas every year. Forget the hassles of having to take off the sticky stickers and messing your hands. Greet and welcome your guests and passersby with these amazing window stickers. You can stick them on your window glass, door glass, shop window or door- all your choice. You get 4 sheets to make the whole sticker as pictures.

These non-toxic, non-fading, and waterproof stickers are safe for children. Kids will enjoy putting them up the most and will have fun with these. Whilst being environment-friendly, the stickers can also be adjusted as per your preference. A smiling Santa and a Christmas tree are sure to lift your and everyone else’s spirits.

Snowflake Window Decoration Ornaments

Want something classy as well as subtle for Christmas this year? Decorate your house with these snowflake window decoration ornaments. Made of high-quality material, these clings are 100% brand new and well made. It is not just any regular material but electrostatic membrane PVC. The stickers are sturdy enough to last for a long time so you can have these put up till the time you want.

Besides this, they are easy to clear and leave no trace as well. The non-toxic feature of these stickers makes them safe for children to use.  Removable and reusable, these no glue and static electricity window film will not damage your glass. These make the perfect decorations for coffee shops, bookstore, birthday, or Christmas party. Enjoy enhancing the beauty of your space with this whole fresh and natural pattern.

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Window Clings for Your Christmas Decorations

Want your house to say “Merry Christmas” for you even before it is Christmas? Bring home these window clings which 108 snowflake stickers in 6 different designs and 3 sizes. Different designs will be provided to you in this pack so as for a variety. You can stick to different types of sticker designs according to your preference, and can even create a pattern or shape.

Featuring in this pack are 15 bell clings, 6 gift box stickers, 8 ornaments clings and 1 deer sleigh clings in different sizes. Perfect for holiday decorations, these Christmas party ornaments are what you need for decorating. With a total of 6 sheets, 27 snowflakes are in each of the 4 sheets. The other 2 sheets contain bell, gift box, and so on. Reusable and removable, these stickers will stick on to any smooth surface.

Non-Adhesive Window Clings

It does not feel like Christmas unless there is snow outside the window. This non-adhesive window clings will do it for you in case there is no snowing happening. Decorate your windows, doors, or cabinets with these adorable and beautiful stickers. To break the monotony, this pack features 3 styles of snowflakes in 3 different sizes.

For a cool, wonderland effect, you can create something out of these snowflakes by joining them together. Easy to apply and easy to remove, there are no chances of any mess happening. You can even store these for next year. Create a cozy vibe with these stickers at your home. Put them up at your office, shop, or restaurant to make everyone that is away from home feel like at home.

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Winter Wonderland White Decorations Stickers

Sparkling lights, fresh green Christmas tree, and a cold wintry day- don’t they make you cozy? Let these winter decorations add beautification and oomph to your coziness. With good and sturdy quality, this pack has 120 snowflake flowers in 10 designs and 3 sizes. The 87 white dots add variety to it while coming in 4 sizes.

You get a total of 6 sheets of these window white decorations. Needing no adhesive to stick on, the stickers stick all by themselves. The even better thing is that they peel off easily without damaging your glass or the cling. A great adornment, the stickers are great for home windows, mirrors, shop or restaurant glass windows, or any other smooth surface. Forget stacking these for each year as they’re reusable and can be stored for the next year as well.

Curtain String Lights for Party Decoration

Want to feel like a fairy at your wedding? Make your party look like a palace with these curtain string lights. High-quality curtain string lights made of 192 LEDs will give you an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient service. Coming with 8 different lighting modes, you can use the remote to choose your favorite mode according to the mood and vibe. Whatever the occasion is, choose your favorite lighting mode which suits it the best.

The USB plug-in design gives you the freedom to power the curtain lights with the help of the mobile power bank. The timer functions enable you to turn on the lights for 6 hours and turn them off for 18 hours. The IP44 waterproof rating makes the lights resistant to liquid splashes. The waterproof feature of these string lights makes it a perfect decoration for both, indoors and outdoors. Avoid any exposure to heavy rain or snow. A 12-month quality guarantee is provided to you. Make your party experience a memorable one, with these curtain string lights.

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Lighted Snowman Christmas Window Silhouette

Want to create a special effect along with decoration in your house this Christmas? Do so with this lighted snowman silhouette decoration. Take a break from the regular stickers you put up on your windows every Christmas and put on this lighted snowman decoration. Not only will this create a decorous look but will also create a silhouette effect which is sure to turn heads. Welcome winter and Christmas with this window snowman silhouette.

You can even put this up on your shop, store, or restaurant window to greet all your customers with the help of this snowman. Assembled in a traditional style, this snowman is lighted. This will enhance its beauty, even more, when you see it at night. It is pre-lit with a total of 43 green, purple, red and clear mini lights. The clear fame in this allows for double-sided use. Coming in 1 piece, the decoration contains 1 plug with end connector. The durable high impact plastic/glass bulbs wire makes for a strong and safe material.

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Holiday Season is almost here! Along with it come many festivities that people look forward to. Christmas is one such festival that people start preparing for before a week or two. Decorations are an essential part of Christmas, whether it’s the lights, the bells, or the tree. It is pretty normal to get confused about what decorations to put up in your house to make it look more beautiful.

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