Portable Breath Alcohol Tester: The Best Pick For You

Technology is wonderful. Now, you do not have to go to the hospital or get stuck by the cops to check your breath for alcohol! This portable breath alcohol tester from BACtrak is the best pick! Ask, why? It is useful for both personal and professional use.

Often the younger crowd party a lot and sometimes one may be unaware of the amount of alcohol consumed. Instead of taking the risk to drive, it is better to check the content of your breath first. This investment is safe. Not only for you but the others as well since drinking and driving is not allowed.

The technology used in the breath tester is on par with what the hospitals and law use. It runs on the Xtend fuel cell sensor. With the push of a single button, you can operate the analyzer. Only insert the AAA batteries, turn on and begin testing.

Once you start blowing, it will show, ‘FLO’. Continue blowing until you hear a click. After this, the analysis will start. There have been results that prove the values from the alcohol tester are accurate. Conduct more than 1000 tests with complete battery life. There are 3 numbers provided in the result.

Another best feature of the portable breath alcohol tester is its compact size. You can place it in your pocket or a small purse and use it on the go. Get one year warranty upon the sale. If there is some defect in the product, you can send it for repairs at no charge.

It is fun to use also! You can compete with each other for who blows the highest! But on a serious note, this is an investment you have to make. Get it today! It is safe, accurate and compact. Protect yourself from alcohol. Use this flawless portable breath alcohol tester to be safe.

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