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Breathalyzer Device to Check Your Alcohol Level

There are a lot of cases we come across, where we see people often get arrest for drinking and driving. The first thing that the police check is the intoxication level of the person. A Breathalyzer Device is a device that can calculate the amount of alcohol consumption.

There are a lot of people who do not agree when the police try to stop them. They often create havoc in such situations. Hence to ban such things, few companies create a Breathalyzer device. To detect if the person consumed alcohol before or not. It gives information on a percentage basis.

The breathalyzer device will give the proper estimate of your alcohol level. Along with pro-grade accuracy. It consists of BACtrack’s patent BluFire Fuel Cell Sensor. The C8 present in it utilizes the same professional-grade technology.

The products are famous among hospitals, clinics, and even law enforcement. BACtrack’s innovative ZeroLine technology estimates the time until your BAC is 0.00%. It allows you to know where you stand. You will also get a free Bluetooth connectivity option with Breathalyzer. Hence you can switch between the modes.

BACtrack stands behind its every product that it sells and manufactures. Breathalyzer device consists of two acetic acid anodes in the body. The person has to blow into the device.

The ethanol in the alcohol and hence the person’s breath oxidizes this anode of acetic acid. The faster or the stronger the oxidation, the larger the concentration in one’s blood is the general rule that tends to follow.

If you find that you have drunk more than the limit. Then you must not drive. Either find someone who will drop you home or use public transport to get home. As it is beneficial for you. This device is something that you should not miss and get now for your and others’ safety.

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