Star Ceiling Kit That Illuminates The Room

For many years now glow in the dark stars have been flooding the market. The star ceiling kit has built a reputation, great for the kids’ bedroom ceiling. Until they are a few years old and capable of glowing anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The star ceiling kit has a twinkle LED light engine. Here, the company uses RGB lamp beads. Furthermore, you can adjust the light as per your choice.

A star ceiling kit is an innovative illumination effect. Therefore, this enables one to create a star-field-like illusion on a roof. Besides, you can use it to create the ultimate star ceiling in your very own bedroom. Likewise, that will perform for up to 16 hours per night. The fiber optic cable provides safety as they are soft and flexible. You have to charge the star ceiling kit on your own. There will be no effect of water on it. One of the best features of this ceiling light is that it works for a longer duration of time. Alongside the help of a remote, you can control the brightness and mode of speed.

The real stars in the night sky don’t look the same As some are brighter, and some are fainter. Similarly, there is a difference in size as well. To re-create this as an illusion on your ceiling, you need a product that can supply this variation. Moreover, this fiber optic star ceiling comes with Manual. The company offers a two-year warranty on the ceiling light kit. The Quantity of fiber cables includes 0.75mm*13.1ft&9.6ft*800 strands.

The kit is in vogue today and lends an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. For example, to a nursery, bedroom, mini home theatre. Moreover, you can use it in the recreational area, and so on. The star ceiling gets install by drilling hundreds of little holes in a ceiling. Installing end-glow fiber optic strands in these holes. The wires and light source(s) are usually concealed behind the ceiling to keep it from a general view. Get this Star Ceiling Kit that Illuminates the room.

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